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Retirement, something we all aspire to. The dream of relaxing days doing what you want without the worry of work anymore. How will you spend your days? Away with the family? Playing golf, spending time catching up with old friends or even taking up a new hobby such as the art classes you always wanted to do.

But how do we fund our retirement? What happens to our pension pot if the markets crash? We are all living longer - how can you enjoy your retirement with running out of money? These are worries about retirement that most people are faced with.

Whole Money Lifetime portfolio gives you an academically backed methodology that helped avoid the major market downturns in 2001 and 2008. In addition to this, our live data shows the portfolio working exactly as predicted by the theory. Giving you peace of mind that you your hard earned money is still working for you and has a level of protection not offered by the usual index linked funds. Therefore letting you enjoy your retirement for longer.

Recent research

Professors from the Cass Business School recently investigated the withdrawal experience associated with Glidepath Investing (Target Date Funds) in the US since 1925 for conventional equity-bond portfolios. They found one very powerful conclusion: that smoothing the returns on individual assets by simple trend following techniques is a potent tool to enhance withdrawal rates, by as much as 50% per annum!

Sequence risk is the possibility of bad portfolio returns occurring at the worst possible time, e.g. just before or after retirement.

If stock markets didn’t have their periodic downturns, then life would be so much easier. However, they do and quite regularly, so when in retirement and the decumulation stage of life, they need to be avoided as best we can.

The Whole Money Lifetime model portfolio automatically moves a client's equity exposure to cash according to the professors’ published methodology.


Introducing Whole Money Lifetime (WML)



Whole Money Lifetime

Whole Money Lifetime model portfolio is a new investment solution for retirees, enabling them to continue to capture the return of the markets while seeking to provide a recourse in the event of a market downturn.

The Whole Money Lifetime model portfolio incorporates the Professors’ trend following technique and provides investors with the earnings growth, dividends and interest payments from the top companies around the world and offers further diversification to government bonds and commodities.

The portfolio comprises some 20 low cost index funds providing the return of the total market which is very hard to beat.

The asset allocation is automatically derived each month by calculating the assets invested in Exchange Traded Funds listed on the London Stock Exchange and so represents how all our money is invested in asset classes and geographies around the world.

The Professors’ methodology helped avoid the major market downturns in 2001 and 2008. Our simulation and live data shows the portfolio working exactly as predicted by the professor's theory.


Source: Morningstar, Whole Money and Alpha Beta Partners as of the 31st July 2019. Performance shown is a combination of backtest, simulation (justETF) and actual data. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance.



An example

Story of Mr Lucky and Mr Unlucky

We’ve explained the risk of experiencing bad investment outcomes at the wrong time, or sequence risk - let’s look at how this works in real life.

In the first chart Mr Unlucky retires in December 1999, invests his pension pot of £500,000 in the market and starts to withdraw £25,000 per annum. By 2017, his pot has shrunk to £200,000. Meanwhile, Mr Lucky retires 3 years later in March 2003. Both start with the same pot and withdraw at the same rate, but because Mr Lucky misses the stock market crash of 2000 to 2002 his pot is still worth close to £900,000 by 2017.

The second chart shows what would have happened had they both been invested in the Whole Money Lifetime portfolio. Mr Unlucky’s pot would have switched into cash as the market fell, avoiding most of the correction. As the market recovered, his cash would have been reinvested in the market, resulting in over £950,000 in his pot by 2017. Mr Lucky would also be in a better position with over £1,000,000.


Source: Professor Andrew Claire, Cass Business School June 2019


Source: Professor Andrew Claire, Cass Business School June 2019



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